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Judentum: Zionismus Index / Jewry: Zionism index

von / by Michael Palomino

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Inhalt / Contents

Racist Zionism: Russia - "USA" - Palestine
Racist Zionism: forerunners - Palestine - Six-Day War
Racist Zionist Literature
Racist Zionist Congresses
Racist Zionist Political Parties
Racist Zionist Organizations

Racist Zionist movements
Racist Zionist operations

Racist Zionists - und Zitate / and quotations

Racist Zionist Literature: Examples
- Herzl: "Judenstaat" / Herzl: "Jewish State"

"Christian" racist Zionism

Zionisten01 / Zionists 01 / sionistas 01
Zionisten 02: Manipulation mit dem NS-Regime gegen Juden
Zionisten 03: Die kriminelle Balfour-Erklärung1917
Zionisten 04: 400 Atombomben gegen Iran und Deutschland (11.April 2015)

Mosad gegen PLO


-- Douglas Reed: Der Streit um Zion (pdf online)
    Reale Zustände in KZs, jüdische KZ-Wächter werden in IL umgebracht, kriminelle Zionisten organisieren die KZ-Lügen etc.


Zionisten / Zionists / sionistas

Destruktive und rassistische Zionisten (Daten und Fakten)

1. Destruktive und rassistische Zionisten (Daten und Fakten)

2. Manipulation mit dem NS-Regime gegen Juden

3. Die kriminelle Balfour-Erklärung1917

4. 400 Atombomben gegen Iran und Deutschland (11.April 2015)
"Zwanzig, dreissig Atombomben, einige auf Berlin, München, Hamburg, Nürnberg, Köln, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Dresden, Dortmund werden sicher stellen, dass die Arbeit erledigt wird und für tausend Jahre Ruhe ist.” (aus: Times of Israel online, 11.3.2015; Radio Utopie online; 13.3.2015)

  • Zion and many meanings (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Many things called "Zion" - the hill of the Maccabees - synonym for the Jewish people - churches, synagogues and mosques on Mt. Zion - "David's tomb" on Mt. Zion - expressions with Zion


Zionismus-Chronologie: Der kriminelle und rassistische Zionismus, der das Judentum zerstört 1896-1976 (aus Glubb)

Der rassistische Zionismus ist eine Falle: Der kriminelle Herzl -- Antisemitismus als Mittel, Juden nach Palästina zu treiben -- die kriminelle Israel-Gründung mit Massenmord und Bomben -- der kriminelle Zionismus kopiert das Nazitum gegen die Palästinenser und Muslime -- Diskriminierung von dunkelhäutigen Juden -- die zionistische Mörder-Armee -- die Mördergeneräle wie Dayan -- ein zionistischer Rabbiner Kahane wettert gegen Muslime -- Zionisten behaupten, Palästinenser gibt es nicht -- Sippenhaft und Folter gegen Palästinenser -- der Nazi-Staat Israel der 1970er Jahre etc. ...

Zionism: From the Russian Pale of Settlement over the "USA" to Palestine
from the articles "History", "Helsingfors" from Encyclopaedia Judaica

The different kinds of Jewish communities in 19th century - developments - overcoming of old barriers - nationalism

Zionism 2: The Helsingfors program of 1906 (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
The change from "diplomatic" Herzl Zionism to a Herzl Zionist movement - Arabs are not asked

Zionism 3: The second aliyah 1904-1914 (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
 Base work - political parties - creation of "moshav", "kevuzah", and "kibbutz" - the trap: self-defense and Middle East conflict since 1909 - decision for Hebrew as "national" language in 1913
Split Zionism - "active" Zionist groups create military units for the British army - "USA" become the Zionist center since 1918
Zionist dominance in Palestine in Jewish settlements - "overnight settlements" against the Arabs - militarism and eternal war against Arabs
Zionist dominance after 1945 - Zionists bringing the Jewish remnants into the next war
Zionist pressure with shipped Jews - partition plans for Palestine against the Arabs

Zionism 8: Zionist Herzl Israel 1948-1970 and its wars (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English and also the Arabs don't see any Human Rights and drive the non-Zionists into the hands of the warrior Free Mason Zionists

Racist Zionism: From the forerunners to Palestine and Six-Day War
from the article "Zionism", "Napoleon", "Italy" etc. from Encyclopaedia Judaica

Racist Zionism 01: The word "Zionism" and its meaning (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
Zion = Jerusalem - Zionism - "synthetic" Zionism
Napoleon - Hebrew - Alkalai - Zevi Hirsch Kalischer - Moses Hess - Jewish commonwealth idea - Mose's Ararat idea
Land purchase - periodical Ha-Shahar - propaganda of Eliezer Ben-Yehuda - split of the enlightenment Jews - Zionist invention of a "historical right" - structure - Pinsker's autoemancipation 1882 - first racist Jewish settlements - Arab attacks - Rothschild money - Pinsker's plan for western Jews for Palestine - Turkish government blocking - Hovevei Zion 1887 - Jaffa committee for purchase of land - Moscow 1891 - idea of "spiritual center"

Racist Zionism 04: Lilienblum, Pinsker, Herzl (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
Russia 1881 - Lilienblum with westernization project - Pinsker's "autoemancipation" with a "Jewish state" - Lueger, Dreyfus and Herzl's "Jewish State" ("Jew State") - Herzl and racist Zionist Congresses - Herzl with exile government - shekel - Colonial bank - racist Herzl and the governments
Cultural and "synthetic" Zionism - the question who is a "Jew" - Ahad Ha-Am, Saadia Gaon - Hebrew writers - racist Socialist Zionism - profession pyramid - the "new Jewish man" - synthetic Zionism: Weizmann, Wolffsohn, Sokolow - racist settlement work - racist Zionism in the "USA" - Wolffsohn in Turkey and Turkish details - Arab nationalism
Young Turk revolution of 1908 - wars since 1911 - racist Zionist banks and diplomacy - anti-Zionist Turkish Jews - racist Zionists and Arabs in Turkish parliament - racist Zionist hopes for destruction of Turkey - institutions - Arabs and racist Zionists against Young Turks

Racist Zionism 07: WWI and Zionist militarism (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
Racist Zionism becomes a mass movement - Jews against Jews in the battles - Jews expelled from Palestine and in eastern Europe - help from "US" Jewry - tactics of German kaiser and British Empire - Jewish refugees in Egypt - Russian revolution - Balfour Declaration of 1917 - legion and Jewish militarism - Haganah since 1919

Racist Zionism 08: Emigration drive 1919-1939 (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
Massacre on 100,000 Jews in eastern Europe 1919-1921 - anti-Semitic Poland 1919-1939 - Jewish Agency since 1929 - naive leaders Brandeis and Weizmann - naive leaders Nordau and Jabotinsky with "catastrophic" Zionism theory
Balfour Declaration of 1917 - Jewish invasion 1919-1939 - Haganah fight against British and Arabs - Paris "peace" conference - anti-Zionism - civil war in Palestine: Arabs and Jews in jail - unemployment - White Papers - Weizmann's propaganda tours - political parties of the yishuv - religious groups and Zionist messianism
Jews would "westernize" Palestine - riots - Jews emigrating from one battle field to another battle field - Arab attacks and the reasons - White Paper policy - racist Zionist center in Jerusalem since 1933 - Zionist plans for Palestine - Transjordan closed for Jews since 1931 - Muslim conference - strikes and British troops - partition plans
Two states theory of Ha-Shomer ha-Za'ir - Arab leaders missing - English quotas - two states theory of the Peel commission of 1936 - Arabs against any partition of Palestine - Husseini group fighting the Jewish invasion - Palestine Commission against a Jewish state in 1938 - White Papers of 1939 - racist Zionist Jewish terror groups in Palestine - racist Zionist "US" government and help for Hitler's war machinery - emigration to other countries

Racist Zionism 12: WW II 1939-1945 (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
Zionist Jewish legion in Palestine - the fantasy of a "Jewish home for the homeless" - Wehrmacht in Africa - Jews enlisting for English troops - Churchill - Rommel defeat of 1942 - new violence by racist Zionists in Palestine since 1942 - aim of a Jewish "independence" - racist Zionist propaganda tours - emigration and Holocaust coordination facts
Churchill replaced by Labour - hundreds of thousands of Jewish survivors of the Nazi camps - perhaps 1 mio. Jewish Displaced Persons in camps - racist Zionist propaganda in the "USA" - escalation in Palestine by Jewish troops - partition plans not accepted - Jewish terror groups in Palestine - London talks 1946 boycotted - Bevin plan not accepted - English government gives the case to the UN - Weizmann-Truman accord for the "outlet" on the Red Sea
Jews brought to racist Herzl Israel after war of "independence" - the question who is a "Zionist" - Zionist fight against "intermarriage and spiritual and cultural evaporation" - Six-Day War of 1967 forms "national" identity
Law questions - who is a Jew - who is an Israeli - Six-Day War "solving" the national identity problem - friendships with Arabs are a problem for racist Zionists
Jewish identity in the 1960s in the "US" and in the "SU" - emigration movements to racist Zionist Free Mason CIA Herzl Israel
East European tribe fantasy - Yiddish against Hebrew revival - Dubnow theory of eastern Europe as world Jewish center - Yiddish center Czernowitz - socialist Bund - anti-Zionist rabbis against Zionist separation - American Council for Judaism - Orthodox anti-Zionism against Jewish nationhood - Jewish Colonization Association - agriculture settlements - SU and Birobidzhan - new anti-Zionism

Literature about racist Zionism
  • Racist Zionist literature bibliography (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    No precise distinction between Israel and racist Zionism - bibliographies - press and periodicals - newspapers and contents - encyclopedias and lexicons - journals, research institutes, and archive

Racist Zionist congresses
  • Racist Zionist congresses 1896-1968 (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Here you see how the racist Zionist Jews are organizing their world wide mafia against the Arabs - and the national racist Zionist Jewish madness is going on...

Racist Zionist political parties
  • Racist Zionist Socialist Workers' Party (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Foundation in 1905 - territorialists - leaders in 1905 revolution - fantasy of "free territory" - rivals and joining parties - developments and formation of the United (racist) Zionist Socialist Worker's Party in 1917

Rassistische, zionistische Organisationen / Racist Zionist organizations
  • The racist Zionist organization in general (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Programs - shekel payers - bank, fund, newspaper Die Welt - splits - changing capital towns - changes of constitutions - racist governing bodies - racist congresses - racist council - racist executive - racist president - racist judicial organs - racist comptroller - racist organization and Jewish Agency - racist Zionist domination of the Jewish Agency since 1947
  • The racist Zionist Jewish armed underground terror organization Irgun Zeva'i Le'Ummi (I.Z.L.) ("Irgun") (Encycl. Judaica 1971)  English
    Racist Zionist Jewish terrorism in Palestine by Irgun (I.Z.L.): split of Haganah commanders with Betar members under Tehomi since 1931 - Irgun linked with radical racist Zionist Revivionists since 1937 under Jabotinsky - terror attacks, killed Arabs - WW II - terrorist leader Menahem Begin - more terror attacks, killed Arabs and killed British - smuggle of illegal immigrating Jews - robbery of arms - kidnapping and hanging - partition - propagandamap with occupied Transjordan - attack on Den Yasin - ship Altalena with new Irgun terrorists on board - forming the "national army" in Jerusalem since 1948

  • The racist Zionist organization in Africa: South Africa (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Racist Zionist LIthuanian Jews in South Africa - congregations, newspapers, and racist "friends" in the white racist upper class - Balfour Declaration by Smuts - high fund raising rate by gold and diamonds - youth manipulation and racist Zionist leaders - help for deported racist Zionist Jews on Mauritius - volunteers for "War of Independence" and Six-Day War
Africa and Asia
Northern "America"
  • The racist Zionist organization in Canada (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Racist Zionist societies since 1898 - WW I and Balfour Declaration stimulating more racist Zionism - youth movements and abuse of youth for war purpose - "social" work in racist Herzl Israel - racist Zionist structures of 1966 - emigration to racist Herzl Israel
  • The racist Zionistorganization in criminal racist "USA" (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Racist Zionism from Russian Jewish immigrants dominating - anti-Zionism - racist Zionist congregations, parties, newspapers - Balfour Declaration of 1917 - new racist Zionist committees and organization - racist Zionist leader Brandeis - anti-Zionist Marshall and Joint - help for illegal immigration in Palestine and for racist fight of Haganah - Jewish Agency - fund raising - religious Zionist matters after 1948
  • Racist Zionist Organization of America (Z.O.A.) (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Foundation of Z.O.A. by some little racist Zionist organization in 1918 - fund raising - representatives at the American Emergency Committee - racist Zionist troops for Palestine 1946-1948 - fund raising and youth manipulation since 1948
Central and southern "America"

Australia / New Sealand
  • The racist Zionist organization in Bulgaria (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Strong racist Zionism - emigration movements to Palestine before 1944 - exodus of 40,000 Jews to racist Herzl Israel 1944-1948 - closed racist Zionist institutions since 1949
  • The racist Zionist organization in CSSR (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Racist Zionist societies since 1893 - racist Zionist newspapers - racist Zionist student movements - the goal to "renew the image of Jewish man" - "national feelings" in WWI - "national minority rights" 1919-1939 - racist Zionist settlements in Palestine and Hebrew education - anti-Zionism - "pioneers" - emigration waves 1938-1939 and 1944-1950s - Communist block and Parague Spring 1968
  • The racist Zionist organization in Germany (Deutschland) (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Racist Zionism before 1897 - strong anti-Zionism - racist Zionist associations, newpapers, publishing houses since 1897 - Ha'avarah agreement under Hitler and emigration wave to Palestine - D.P. camps and further emigration waves - racist Zionist organization after 1945 and missing details
  • The racist Zionist organization in France (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Racist Jewish banker Rothschild helping racist Jewish settlements in Palestine - agriculture - racist political Zionism in Paris - racist Zionist federations, organizations, and newspapers since 1901 - anti-Zionism until 1917 - abuse of youth enthusiasm for racist Zionism since 1919 - smuggling Jews to Switzerland and Spain during WWII - North African Jews - Six-Day War and racist Zionist solidarity
  • The racist Zionist organization in Great Britain (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Racist Herzl in London - racist Zionist associations and racist Zionist leaders in racist Empire Great Britain - racist Zionist leader Chaim Weizmann in London and his racist Zionist "friends" manipulating London for a "Balfour Declaration" - abuse of Jewish youth for racist Zionist "youth movements" - Commonwealth idea - racist Herzl Israel since 1948 - fund rising of 1967 for Six-Day War
  • The racist Zionist organization in Italy (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Racist Zionist congregations since 1897 - racist Zionist delgates, periodicals, writers - racist Herzl in Italy - great racist Zionist times under Mussolini 1922-1938 - emigration wave since anti-Jewish laws 1938-1943 - deportations 1943-1944 - italy as a link for Jewish illegal emigration from Europe to Palestine and weapon delivery for racist Jewish Zionist terror organization Haganah 1945-1948
  • The racist Zionist organization in Yugoland (Yugoslavia, Jugoslawien) (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Emigration movements - racist Herzl - assimilationists converted into racist Zionists - youth abuse - racist Russian Zionists in Yugoslavia during WWI - "pioneering" - racist Zionist "Revisionists" - Sephardi anti-Zionists - racist Zionist women's organizations - racist Zionist "cultural" activities - emigration wave since 1944
  • The racist Zionist organization in Holland / Netherlands (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Racist Zionist associations since 1899 - racist Zionist banker Kann - anti-Zionism - racist Zionit Congress - Lieme principles - racist Jewish National Fund in The Hague - Jewish refugees from Belgium during WW I - Jewish pioneers from eastern Europe after 1919 - trapped pioneers - racist youth movement and "radical Zionism" under Nordheim - concealed racist Zionism and German Jewish refugees since 1933 - WW II - emigration wave 1948-1969
  • The racist Zionist organization in Poland (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Slow racist Zionism in German and Russian Poland - fast racist Zionism in Austrian Galicia - big wave of racist anti-Semitism in anti-Semitic Poland 1919-1939 - "danger zones" and pioneer emigration - destruction of remaining Polish Jewry - "new Jewish man" - "disfigured man" - racist Zionism underground 1939-194 - escape routes 1945-1948 - racist Zionism in Communist Poland officially destroyed since 1948
  • The racist Zionist organization in Rumania (Romania) (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Early racist Jewish settlements in Palestine by Romanian Jews - Rothschild's help for survival of the racist Jewish settlements - racist Zionist organizations and congresses - racist Zionist Jewish natinality, citizenship, and political parties, land purchase and press - legal and underground racist Zionism in WWII - emigration to Palestine from Romanian harbours - liquidated racist Zionism since 1953 under Communist regime
  • The racist Zionist organization in Russia (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Big racist Zionist movement since 1897 - anti-Zionists with center Kovno - racist Zionist congresses, parties, congregations, education - anti-Zionist Bundd - Plehve restrictions - repression since the definition "national minority"- since the Helsingfors conference in 1905 - center St. Petersburg - emigration waves - Communist repression since 1948 - emigration wave of 1969
  • The racist Zionist organization in Hungary (Ungarn) (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Assimilationists and Orthodox Jews - racist Herzl born in Budapest - strong anti-Zionism - some racist Zionists in Basle 1897 - spread of racist Zionism since 1897 - anti-Zionist government - racist Zionist students, newspapers, sprots clubs - Hungarian and Russian racist Zionists meeting during WW I - new national states since 1918 - racist Zionist Jewish nationalism growing - youth abuse for racist Zionist war purpose - emancipation canceled since 1937 - Holocaust - manipulated youth emigrating since 1945
Aid organizations and racist Zionist "aid organizations"
  • Racist Zionist National Concil of Jewish Women (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Pioneer help since 1893 for Jews, for Jewish poors, for Jewish refugees, for girls, educaiton work for Holocaust survivors - development of help for mentally handicaped
  • "Aid organization": Racist Zionist ORT for agriculture and industrial training - only for Jews (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Foundation in April 1880 - workshops for agriculture in Russia - employment service during WW I - branches in whole eastern and Central Europe 1920-1939 - industrialization in Russia in the 1920s - skilled Jews moving to Palestine - ORT in racist Zionist Herzl Israel stargting vocational training for new Jewish immigrants since 1948 - ORT in anti-Semitic Poland - quality - Arabs never mentioned...

Rassistisch-zionistische Bewegungen / racist Zionist movements
  • Racist Zionist Bilu "pioneer" movement since 1881 - racist Zionist Bilu village Gederah 1884 (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Pogroms in Russia of 1881 provoking racist Zionoist Davio and Bilu "pioneer" movement for Palestine - Kharkov - war declaration against the Arabs - Odessa - split into political and emigration Bilu group - support by Netter and Pines - patly further emigration to criminal racist "USA" or back to Russia - foundation of Gederah in 1884
  • The racist Zionist Jewish kibbutz "pioneer youth movement" Ha-Shomer ha-Za'ir (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Racist Zionist Jewish youth movement since 1916 - the manipulation methods - ranks, publications - obligation for emigration to Palestine and to live in a kibbutz - mixed ideology with racist Zionism and class Marxism - world movement since 1920 and separatists - WW II with flight to "SU", with members in the Russian army and in Jewish resistance in NS territories - D.P. children activity, help for illegal immigration to Palestine - propaganda in Latin "America" - branches worldwide
  • Criminal and racist Zionist Youth "Pioneer" Movement He-Halutz ("The Pioneer") (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    The first "pioneer" youth movements since 1881 and after the Ussishkin call since 1905 - migration obligation in Ze'irei Zion movement since 1906 - Jewish Legion - conferences and resolutions since 1917 - Trumpeldor's militarism, presidency, and fast death in 1920 - "pioneer" emigration over the Black Sea and Caucasus - ideology resolution of 1923 for anti-capitalist and kibbutz line - "training farms" - forbidden He-Halutz in the "SU" since 1928 - "Bendin" and "105" wild emigration - Poland - illegal aliyah since 1934 by He-Halutz - He-Halutz in Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Germany, CSSR, "USA"

    "Pioneers", who can be turned into soldiers easily...
  • Racist Zionist youth emigration movement to kibbutzim (youth aliyah) 1933-1970 (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Recha Freier, wife of a rabbi - Jewish youth brought to racist Zionist kibbutzim - emigration route via Caucasus - youth village in Cyprus 1945-1948 - racist Zionoist youth leaders and racist Zionist house mothers - Jews with "backwardness" from Africa and Asia - "education" and wards until 1970 - racist Zionist supporters from abroad

    Youth can be manipulated easily...
  • JWB's Jewish Center movement of the Young Hebrew Association: see: Aid organizations: JWB

Rassistisch-zionistische Operationen / racist Zionist operations
  • Criminal and racist Zionist emigration operation "Berihah" 1944-1948 (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Flight movement of 1939 building cells - conglomeration to racist Zionist Berihah in 1944 - closed borders by the British - central Berihah Committee - flight routes through Poland and CSSR - smuggle methods - D.P. camps before the blocked Italian border - pogroms in Poland and mass flight - Orthodox Jews from Russia - commander meeting at Basle in 1946 - emigration movement from Romania 1947 - Mosad connection - operations until 1949 - Arabs are never mentioned...

    The Arabs are never asked...

Rassistische Zionisten / racist Zionists

Rassist / racist Theodor Herzl
  • Theodor Herzl 01: The way to Zionism (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Schools and student times - doctorate - Paris and the Dreyfus case - Jewish state plans - searching for support - Herzl does not see the trap of Arab anti-Semitism
  • Theodor Herzl 02: Negotiations (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Negotiations with Constantinople, the German kaiser, and the British - Uganda plan - Russian Jews only want Palestine


Rassistien-Zionisten / racist Zionists

Rassist / racist Moshe Dayan
  • Moshe Dayan (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Herzl Zionist Dayan family - cooperative settlement by the father - military action by the sons - general Moshe Dayan and his family

Zionistische Zitate / Zionist quotations

Zionisten-Rassisten wollen das gesamte Judentum beherrschen - und die Gegenwehr

Literaturbeispiele / examples of literature

Rassist Theodor Herzl: "Der Judenstaat" /  Racist Theodor Herzl: "The Jewish State" ("The Jew State")

"Christian" racist Zionism
  • Racist "Christian" Zionist movements and literature (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    "Christian" reformation and the prophecy of a new Jesus in Jerusalem- political arguments - archaeological arguments and it's impossibility - "Christian" racist Zionist madness since Balfour Declaration since 1917 - "Christians" helped to set up Middle East Conflict


Zionistische Regierung mit Mosad gegen PLO und Schwarzer September

Rache bringt nur neue Rache - und keiner will es merken, der Mosad sicher nicht.

1. Vorgeschichte: Israel ohne Grenzen - Vertreibung - Organisationen PLO und "Schwarzer September" - Sabena-Entführung
2. Das Verbot von Olympia für die Palästinenser - das Attentat von München 1972 - und die Rache von Golda Meir
3. Das versuchte Attentat in Nairobi - die Entführung von AF139 nach Entebbe - Rettungsaktion bei 4 Toten
4. Die Zerstörung des "Versuchsreaktors" "OSIRAK" im Irak 1981/1991